(hell)o 2020

Medium: images & text, sculpture, sound, papers, acrylic, wood, found objects

Dimensions: 8.5in x 11in x height various

this (off)ice of (on)e’s own
performance designed to (enter)tain
everyone dancing on the (enter) key
switch (on) and (off) in one third of a day

cold (sand)wich for your lunch
dreaming a beach its typically made from (sand)
put the (leg) under your table till 65
the (leg)itimacy of this number as a retirement age

the factory’s workers face (red)undancy
you only care of white, blue, or (red) ceramic tiles
if a stock chart is going (up)
a 18th-century armchair with its (up)holstery is not big deal

(ant)hropology never clear to say
why you are like (ant) to loyal the queen
in wearing the safety (pin)
(pin)occhio become a good boy in the end

no one (cow)ard
like cow just give up their some milks
living with (cat) like family
lost them regarding as a (cat)astrophe

melting the butter on a (pan)
a (pan)orama image transforming by your eyes
there are the seven parts of the (ear)
what is life worth in the (ear)th

established a (dog)ma in a faith of happiness
how to tell if (dog) seems tired
being a thinker with (cap)rice
no (cap) is meaning no lie